Thursday, May 5, 2011

Emotions as Teachers

emotions do affect my decision

This week the,Wellness ARTivity is Emotions as Teachers.
The image above is a clear example of how my emotions affect my decision making ability. It is also an example of my personality type. Enfp.

Because I am an emotions person. I feel things deeply. And my emotions can cause chaos in my mind.  Both the top and bottom image have a bit of chaos ,

The top shows how emotion can bring out colors, feelings. spirit. But must have some logic in order to not be a complete abstract image.
The bottom represents more logic. It needs more structure and balance. And yet it is not perfect. It has room for improvement. But just by accepting it as is, creates balance. It removes judgment, And allows me to post it as is. I neither like or dislike it, I just accept this is how I feel at this time.

The black and white squares represent pure logic. It is concrete thinking. It for some people is the way life is. Order structure, perfection. The way every thing should be. But if you notice, the lines are not perfect. Because what they think is right or wrong applies only to there belief system. Because we are not all trained to think alike. We all have some variance in our thoughts.

By all 3 examples it proves no one is perfect. We all have flaws. So I now accept, that I live a colorful life full of chaos, emotion, and logic. I think this is what makes me artistic and wise and unique. Because my emotions will overload and allow my logic to pick me back up. It makes me learn more and my soul then decides what is right or wrong for me to believe and make a part of my life. My emotions are my teachers. My logic is my analyzer. And I am thankful I have the ability to get back up and learn every obstacle had a reason. It taught me to be stronger. And gave me gratitude, joy, passion, and a loving, desire to help others.

Osho quote

“If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.”