Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wellness map

Wellness mood map
I am emotionally drained and can not explain how I picked each image to represent each word.. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hidden faces

This image I created has allot of messages in it. I will add it to my healing art journal. It will take a while for the story to fully come to me.

 Example short story.
Old Mr. Oak was mighty and strong. He thought he was invincible. He could lift the weight of the world on only 1 branch. You can find him in the forest of life as we speak.
But he is no longer his mighty self. The storms of life has beaten his heart. The lighting has cracked his chest. People have split his spine, with an ax. He sits alone in his trunk. He no longer speaks. He lets his mind wonder. forward or backward know one knows for sure. But he waits and wonders when his time will come. As he knows he has short roots now. He knows, mighty winds may blow. Thunder may strike again.
He questions will I be strong enough to hang on ?
Will I end up firewood to heat some ones hearth ?
One thing he know for sure, He will live on through the forest of children and grand children he created. His spirit will live on through the lives of all the people he encountered. And though all the things he has built.He knows just like you and I are unique we still carry pieces of all of our ancestors around with us. I have some ones nose, another persons eyes. My genes are composed of all those before me.

I added a tab to the top of this blog. How to create. I have 1 video and 2 links so far. But it is just the beginning of how to create a healing or wisdom journal.

Forever changing

Jan 27, 2011.
        I just completed this page in my wisdom journal. It is the most healing page I have ever created. Looking at it and analyzing what it says to me. It is a wealth of knowledge.
It shows balance, creativity, fun, knowledge, spirit, dreams, love, wisdom and life.
When I analyze what each person represents from my point of view. It is most of the phases we all go through in life. We touch on each quality at different times in our lives.
We learn and grow from each choice we make.

Youth #1.The lady in red represents fun, laughter, play, living life on the edge. But she hides behind a mask. Hiding her beauty believing she is not enough. Not letting many people see her true self. She has 2 sides to her life. And represses the best part. For fear of rejection. She may feel alone or lonely.  She some times looks at lady #2 and wishes to experience some of the quality's of her life.For some people she is just the first step in life. All the fun before making a choice to be committed in a relationship.
For some it is a life time of play.

Young adult #2 May be step 2 in life. I am calling her the dreamer. She is the lady to the right. She has chosen to live what she considers to be the dream life. Or the picket fence life.  Marry a man who can provide for her every want. She lives by ego. She is kind and loving. She may be a mom some day. She may be a traveler. She may live a life of luxury and wealth. Or find her life is not what she signed up for. She may or may not be one to drink too much alcohol, lady # 1 may do this too. She may just be a simple down to earth fun loving mom. There are many aspects and different choices this path in life may lead to. As some in this category achieve the good life. Where they marry there best friend. They have ups and downs but work together to over come all. She may or may not have her own career. Where she becomes strong and successful. There are so many life styles to chose from in this time frame of a person life. It is sad but some feel trapped, they long for more fun, like lady #1 has. She may also feel alone or lonely. If they chose the wrong person to spend there life with.

Some times is is just the old saying the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Middle age #3 This lady is on top of what looks like the fence the divides the room. She is really crossing a tall scary bridge. She is learning to live a fearless life. One of both wisdom and knowledge. She has now learned control of her ego. She is responsible, yet knows fun is necessary for balance. She has lived a good life. Learning from each challenge, she was dealt in life. When problems arise she deals with them. She choose to never allow them to become her life. She live from spirit. Her higher self helps her to do what she feels is her path in life. She may have the quality's of both Lady s 1&2. But she chooses how and what she lets affect her life. She is rich in health, love, joy & caring for every aspect of her world. She is a person who is on the path to a well rounded life. She learns more and more each day. As life always has new lessons to learn.

Person #4 is The elder. She is the last chapter of life. She may have experienced every aspect of all 3 lady's. She is still a fighter in that, she continues to live the good life. Even though she may be a widow. She carry's on the love of knowledge. She reads and writes. She is a well of knowledge. Her words are full of life and wisdom. From a balanced life. She is a teacher, a friend, a person of love and kindness. She refuses to be bitter and alone. For life was a lesson. And she did her best. She is surrounded by the spirit of love. And knows her life still has purpose. She is now on her final path. She has to be strong and optimistic. She knows she has plenty of family and friends that still need her. She has given so much joy to every person she has encountered.

To me the shadow of the bird represents spirit.
It is the wings we use to fly though our life. And see us to our afterlife. It is our higher power. our soul. Our authentic self. The person we are meant to be in this life.  It is reasoning and thought. It is wisdom and freedom.

The scales represent balance.
It gives us a choice to change.
To see we would not know happiness with out knowing what sadness is.
To know there is no good or bad,they are intertwined like a rope, it is our judgment of what is good or bad.  Because things have away of working out to be for the best.

All of the red brings out the power of color. How it inspires us to feel passion of a sun set. And be creative.
The head statue is to remind there is beauty in every thing. And art lives in every thing we see. From the chair we sit on to the garden we design. The food we eat. The world is art.  There is the art of healing. The art of living. We our self are a form of art.
The soap is to remind you to cleanse your thoughts.
Through this process you can see with the eyes of an optimist. Feel with passion. Breath in every wonderful aspect of life.
The door way reminds you to see your self though the door way. Look within. Know we all experience almost every aspect of life. Release pain and suffering. Be thankful it happened at that moment in life. But this is a new moment. That moment of pain is over. make this moment rich with happy thoughts. Laugh, love and live.

In my journal I will rewrite this story to the point  of how I am each person in this collage. I find the more you look at the images, the more they tell you. You may find that they tell you a different story. As we all have views of life.
Namaste my friends.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb Dreams

This is my first dream board that I have ever put together from scratch. I am normally a digital person. I did the back ground with pastels. They were like chalk. I swished them and swirled them. I used mod podge to seal it. As it was quite a mess. I picked photos from a magazine that spoke to me. I asked my self what seeds I wanted to plant. In the garden of my life. This is what came to me. More words than photos screamed at me. The girl to the left, was built with bigger eyes like the childrens book in the past. Better to see you with my dear. She wears many hats as in Mom, Grand-mom, wife, etc.  She is also not looked at as normal. But she is unique like all of us. We are all different. Yet uniquely special just the way we are.

Please visit Jamie to see other dream boards.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I get on facebook today to see my brother posted
"Today is the ten year anniversary . of my fathers passing.Even after 10 years I miss him deeply.....I bet he is in Heaven hunting and fishing with his Dad an 3 of his Brothers.I look forward to the day when I can hang out with him again,well at least I have allot of memories of him for now...."
I myself have a few hand fulls of memory's of him. I spend my day today in thought. I had the most wonderful year with him in 2000. We talked and traveled and I learned about him.
He was sent to the hospital in November of that year. Cancer was the reason. Mesothelioma caused from wearing gloves lined in asbestos. He worked at the  Ford motor plant most of his life. When he passed, I was full of anger and sadness. I felt like we were finally going to be a family. But things changed. And now there is no hope. I felt rejected, unloved, tossed aside. When he told me to go in November. There are details left out of this story.  But when I was called on Feb 15 2001. I flew to be there for him till the end. Fear and sadness visited me that night. This is another story.
  I have this photo above on my desk top so I can visit with his burial place. With out flying to another state. 
This photo alone has a memory attached. It was taken 1 year after my dad and I stood on the very same spot. He showed me his parents, and family. He started to cry, and said. You never know how much you miss some one till they are gone. I stood there with my youngest daughter on that same spot and passed on his story to her. 
He now has a military headstone. But I have never seen it. 
My thoughts lead into analyzing the past today. The past made me who I am today. But I now chose how it will affect my like. Day by day. Minute by minute. So I will use today to work on laying down my anger and sadness.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Vanentines day

 May you all have a wonderful loving day.
Full of love and hugs.
Sunday Post card art.
This is my cat named Crash all dressed up to find love.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Under the weather

I feel like Tony, the Italian stallion. He is 25 years old and still is surprised each day. He wakes to find that he is still here.  Most days are good. But then days like yesterday and today. Are filled with exhaustion, fatigue, drained of all life. Falling in and out of sleep. Unable to do any thing. Wishing some one would take care of you. Sweep you off your feet and love you. Any thing! But yet you sit. You are unable to pull your self up. Unable to write a word. Unable to care for your self, let alone any one else. You wonder how did this happen. You were doing so well. Your mind was writing away. Did you over do ? Is it illness. Or is is a relapse of depression?
As I sit here in a daze words start rushing in.
Oh my, a poem !
I am not a poet yet the words do flow.

Is this hindsight or yet to come?

I rant and rave an feel a slave
I just forgot every word I just thought.
They were awesome and dear.
New words come here

Equal and enduring, a love I may never know.
Forever cheering, I am left tearing
My heart is silent for a love that never fails
One in which all that matters
Is me & you
A love so true

Full of passion, never ending days of hugs
No need for any thing but us.

Did I go through life with blinders on ?
Did you walk right past me?
Or are you yet to come?
Are you here? Yet I do not see!

Am I cold and blind?
I do feel you in my mind
My love, my life, my reason to live.

You are my best friend
My soul mate
Did we ever date?
As I stay up late
I think of you!
I dream of you!
And those times of endless love.

Title Missing Him A poem by E

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Negative & Positive thoughts

I will show you 2 example of reading this image
Please look at the post below for more info on the process of creating this image. And the reason to do it for self healing, inner wisdom, sparking your creative side.
Positive thoughts.
Image 1.tells me to learn from the past year of silence.
2. The past is now a part of history, acknowledge the lessons learned and move on.Remember it with a smile.As some how every thing turned out fine. I am thankful I am now who I am now, because of it.
3.Wake up , let go of the confusion.
4. Shake it off, do not carry any thing with you that burdens you.
5. A child with a moment of sadness
6.Lessons learned, freedom from siting in the cold darkness, living only in your mind.
7.The first step into the light of day.
8. Make a choice.
9. An empty space to fill.
10. Reach out.
11. Hope for the future.
12. Unknown chaos.

If I were using a negative view of this I may say

1. being alone in your mind.
2. Longing for a different past.
3. Sitting in self pity, lethargic & sad. Life less.
4. To walk is a burden, because of a choice to carry all the problems of life with you every where.
Allowing every issue to become your life. You chose drama, Not knowing you can chose to make each day a new one.
Your burdens fall off of your back onto every one around you. Because you feel trapped.
5.Tears for your inner child because the child inside has never learned the freedom of forgiveness. Or found a path of healing.
6.Siting in self pity. Self built invisible walls, that allow no peace or joy or person to enter.
7. The stubborn old goat.
8. You can see the light but choose to sit in darkness.
9. Feeling empty.
10 Reaching out. or refusal to reach out.
11. A fantasy of the good life. Or an unfulfilled dream.
12. chaos

Chaos is the same for both. Because the found image is one That caught my eye. But I can not spend time with it. I put it on the back burner. All I know it has a message to tell. But I am not ready to learn it. Now I hope I have shown how there is a message in every thing that attracts your attention.  And how you can use them like a taro deck.
They can help you heal. Or give you insight.

I call this "DAY DREAMING" enjoying the simple life.
If only we all lived by the beach. : )
The horse belongs to my friends neighbor. His name is Tony. He is the Italian stallion. : )
What story do you see in the images?

The art of journaling

This is a collage I created from images that have caught my attention over the past few week.
You can do this with magazines, old photos, etc. Let your creativity fly. It could be a piece of mail, business card, any thing you find you can glue down.

You can then arrange the images look at where you want to place them. Then glue away. If you want paint away, write away. I use one side of my journal for art. The opposite page for writing.

I do allot of mine digitally with photo shop.
But I have many things I glue and create in and on. Even an old phone book, can become a art journal.

But what I am doing with this image I call a wisdom or healing art journal.  Because these images have a story to tell. You may find either wisdom or healing in the process. You may find fun, adventure and creativity.
All I have to do is look analyze what the message is. What I need to know some times comes to me this way.

This can help with depression and grieving. Among other things. It can be read like a tarot card just for fun or for wisdom.

The images may say one story to me and another to you.

So click on the photo and enlarge, what messages do you see in this. ?
Is this a message for me or for you?
Can you see how I feel or want to feel?

Is this past, present or future, maybe all 3 ?
Here is a video I did in the past. It has ideals of things to use as journals. Also I have other videos there if you would like to look at any of them. 
 Quote of the day,"A day without learning is a day without living." ~Lou Holtz

Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Fear

I did this maybe a month or so ago. I title it "No fear".
In analyzing this image it is a bit like me. Since a child I have not had many thing I feared. Except my Mom. LOL
And I was afraid of the dark. My Mom always left a light on. I do not know if this had any thing to do with it.As an adult I find it hard to see in the dark. So it is not fear. It is loss of night vision.

 Some people live a life of constant fear. Some can not even go out the door, to get something from there car, with out locking the door. I was one to never  lock the door. I have learned if some one wants something you have. A door will not stop them. I also have learned to not place value on to many material things.  A house fire taught me this lesson.
I am not totally with out fear. I am afraid of falling. I love the fact my kids are fearless. They ride roller coasters and many other adventurous things. I find I would like to fly through the air on a zip line . I saw this on the show the great race. It is like repelling, but it is at an angle rather than a drop. I also gained the fear of being hit in stand still traffic. I was hurt on 2 different occasions. Both times I was a passenger. So I would find my self in a panic when we had to stop on the highway. It took along time to get over the feeling of fear. But I did. I had to keep telling my self to relax. Get over it. The more I think about it. I come to the conclusion. I am only afraid of pain. Getting hurt causes pain. As I love to fly, but no fear of height or falling comes into play with this adventure.

One of my favorite quotes is: 
It is not possible, to control all external events;
But, if I simply control my mind,
What need is there to control other things?
Have you analyzed your fears.  To see what they really are. So you can free your self of them ?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabin fever

Cabin fever is DEFINED as an idiomatic term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in, in a small space, with nothing to do, for an extended period Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, irrational frustration with everyday objects, forgetfulness, laughter, excessive sleeping, distrust of anyone they are with, and an urge to go outside even in the rain, snow or dark.
I have been observing my cats today to find they do have cabin fever.  They seem to fight any time they get near each other. Then they hibernate in different rooms. They stay away from each other with little to no communication. In the past this was and some times is my life too. You can say I am Crash. I long for exploration of the outside world. I just want happiness, fun, love. Where hubby is more like Reba, He wants to be left alone in his own little world. He angers and hisses easy. He has contentment with life being just as it is. No change other than some times a new movie on the TV. Where I do not like reruns. I need input new info. I have worked hard and experienced contentment. I am learning to master it but. I still have exploration through the computer. I live a virtual life. And have virtual friends like you. You can say I have life the way I want it. And still exist in his world.  You may say WHY DO YOU NOT LEAVE? Well I have been through thick and thin with this person. I signed up for better or worse. I can not abandon him. I would never be able to live with my self. Knowing this behavior stems from Illness. Mental and physical. Like a child with a disability. You learn to deal with them. You try to teach the child. But an adult is not always willing to change. Too if this is the beginning of Alzheimer's, early onset of demintia. I have to learn to deal with it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Afformations verses Affirmations

I found this video yesterday and thought maybe I will give this a try.

Affirmation are daily messages that are said to oneself to bring about a change within the inner self.

Afformations is a question rather that a statement. It is used to trick your mind into positive thought.
Affirmation, I am happy
Afformation, Why am I so happy?
This video explains how your mind goes from yea right with the statement "I am happy". To searching for the answer right away with the question Why?

I am not promoting or affiliated with this person or there book.  I just am simply sharing the fact I will be trying this.

So for my self today I ask What can I do to make my self and others learn to be happy.
My mind says Remember the power of the word choice.
It is maybe the most valuable, life saving, yet simple word ever used.
Choose to be happy.
Choose to let go of baggage
Choose to be free of self imposed restrictions, that limit your life.
Choose  Wait a minute ! I am stating Affirmations.
Question Should be why am I so happy.
My mind said because you are on the road to healing your self.  Refurbishing your thoughts. And using the power of Choice.  I am reprogramming my self every day. I am learning and sharing this on this blog. I am so ecstatic and even more motivated. When I receive heart felt comments like I did in the last post. To know I gave some one else a wow moment of hey this will work for me too.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A shift in attitude

Let it Snow : )
"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." Anthony J. D'Angelo

I seem to be getting this message today.  We are still in blizzard conditions here in Missouri. The wind has been doing unbelievable things.  My daughter called and said her friend is stuck on the 70/54 Hwy exit that leads to our town. The wind there was so bad today that it not only pushed his truck and trailer into a snow drift. But he sat there stuck, and watched another trucker go in the serves station. Only to return and wonder who hit his truck. As it was now facing the opposite direction.   I was in awe of the power of wind and ice. I had no clue something that big could be pushed completely around, from a stand still position.  Where he is at is a good place. He may be stuck. But the Hwy he need to be on is now closed 100 miles +/- each way. He has 4, 24 hour places on that corner to find food, warmth and companionship. So he will be fine.

I am thankful we are all staying safe in our caves. The snow is so deep we will have to go out of a window to shovel the door open. On a positive note. If we do get the 30-40 mph winds and sub zero temps tonight. Maybe the wind will blow the path clear. But we have no where to go. We sent our youngest daughter and her 2 kids to stay with some one else. That way we do not have to worry about the little ones if we loose power. They are at a place with a generator.

Now for the shift in attitude.
Today I received a letter from Jaime talking about a shift in attitude. I read a post on face book talking of attitude change.
Now the prompt for Wish casting Wednesday is:

What burden do you wish to put down?

 So I feel I am going to follow the clues.
I am feeling good about the snow. In the past I had winter blues. But I decided to put it in my head. The snow is beautiful. I am painting a new picture of winter in my mind. Like the one above. The man Skeiron, was the Greek god of the northwest wind.I picked him to use in my art today. Because our wind is blowing from the NW. Both the stamp and building have his image. The snow woman is the one that just melted away. My Daughter and her oldest son, built her right in front of my Living room window. She was fun while she lasted.
This month though I will not only revive my life but I will add shift to it. As Feb has in the past not only been the month for Valentines day. But also On that day Feb 14, 1999 Hubby came home from work while having a heart attach. Feb 14, 2001 I flew to Ohio to spend the last day of my birth fathers life, watching him die on Feb 15. I use to have thanks giving on Feb 15, Because I was thankful nothing happened the day before. But This year I am going to celebrate the day it is meant to be. A day of Love. I release to the universe all the past memory's of that day. As they are over.
I will also shift my attitude every day to love.
I will no longer carry any burdens with me to the next day.