My Metaphor

Metaphor is the concept of understanding one thing in terms of another.

Story of the beginning.
I am a creative soul sent to this world to live, love, learn, share and evolve. Just like you and every one else in this world. We were born with nothing but the ability to learn. Our first lesson was love. We responded with a smile and reacted with tears.
Our minds are like clay that has been
shaped and formed
Beaten and loved
But was never meant to be like concrete.

Our first  teachers were our parents, or who ever raised us.
We all learned the basics from them.
You can say some parents tried to put us in a concrete mold, and tried to control every aspect of our life.
Some parents raised us like play dough. They shaped us and let us roll around. So we could form our own shape.
I am sad to say there are also parents who thought of us as bread dough, They beat us and baked us, then burnt us in the oven of life.
But they had no ideal, that we could chose to accept and blame them. For every thing that happened. The rest of our life.
Because no one ever told the child, that he was not a loaf of bread. He is made of clay. So he can chose to shake off the burnt edges and become any form he wants to chose. Or crack open the mold. To be free and change.

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