Journal pages

The Wisdom and Healing art journal are both a combination of an art journal and writing. It is some what like a dream board. Other than your intent is to learn something you did not already know.
Or get inspiration to write things that come to you. It allows you to learn things you need to know about your self. So you can heal your spirit.
I go though magazines. And find photos that speak to me. Some times I use some of my own photos. I group them together till I find they work well together. Then I look at the overall page. See what story it tells me.
Like a tarot card they do talk to you. They can be inner wisdom coming through. I use the other page to record what thought I get from the photos. I am in awe some times at what I write. And when I show them to others. They some times see things in a different way. But it may be a message for them, rather than me.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Wisdom Journal. The mandala is fun. And the Queen Portrait feels regal in a natural way.

  2. I love this page! I love seeing your art and your wisdom both expressed here. Thank you for sharing.