Monday, April 18, 2011

Gift to Angela

Elfrida , a girl's name is pronounced el-FREE-dah. It is of Old English and Old German origin, some of the meaning's are  "elf, magical counsel,, being noble strength".   "white,  bright light ". "peaceful".English: Good counselor or Sage
From the Old English name Ælfþryð meaning "elf strength". Oracle
German: Peaceful ruler,Gift of wisdom
Teutonic: Threatens the elves
The name Alfreda has 55 variant forms of spelling changes. 
Ailsa \a(i)-lsa, ail-sa\ as a girl's name is of Old Norse origin, and the meaning of Ailsa is "island of Alfsigr". Place name: the tiny Scottish rocky islet Ailsa Craig in the estuary of the river Clyde. Alfsigr is a personal name meaning "elf or magical victory". Use as a given name has been influenced by Ealasaid, the Gaelic form of Elizabeth (Hebrew) "God's promise". The name may also be used as a homonym for Elsa".Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Consecrated to god Noble & Cheerful Contributor - Responsible, careful, conventional and reliable

Ailsa is here to help you see through different eyes.
We are all uniquely different, but our heart & true spirits are all the same. She will help you see you are complete and perfect just the way you are. She will show you that the difference between a weed and a flower is your judgment.
You may wonder why she is a twin, with 2 names. She will not introduce you to Elfrida till she feels she has done her job. Because like some, she will not just open up to you till she knows and trusts you fully. She is a teacher, Mom, Councilor. She will guide you to the realm of self knowledge, self love, and how to release judgment.  At this point you will meet Elfrida, When she knows you will unconditionally, accept her with out judgment. 
Elfrida, you will find is one of deep wisdom. She is council to the Elf community. She teaches them to be happy with them self. They are different because they are magical. She also keeps there tricks at bay. So this is why they have some fear of her. She to has Mother quality. She makes them recite both day and night, "I am a valuable sacred soul. She creates balance in responsibility and fun. She teaches harmony and love of all. She will share all of this with you too. Only if you are willing to search and learn. Follow clues. And accept your self unconditional. Because she knows you can not love her if you judge her.
In the end you will question. Is this really 2 people or just one, The first is there in a form that will not really make you wonder if she is normal. But the second hides nothing.
But you see they both have the same spirit. They are both your best friend. And will help you through the most difficult of challenges. Because they know when you find your true self. You will know all is well, and as it should be. And you will be free of life's baggage.
Please let me know if you find they are one or two? And which one is the real one ?

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  1. Thank you I will meditate with her and hopefully will be able to give you more information.
    As for accepting myself I am trying to do that now!
    You are a wise one.