Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is only my thoughts put into words. My mind was busy Monday morning. Word flowed more than ever before.
I did a post on my other blog about life if you care to read it too. I will post a link at the bottom of this page.

Death is only a release of spirit. We are made up of 3 components, mind, body & soul. I find some people feel that there loved one was taken too early. We really do not understand why it was there time. But we need to accept this person was not meant to be here any longer. Accidents happen for a reason, we were not meant to understand. Same with suicide. For some reason that person was tormented in there mind to the point the soul agreed to let them go. Our spirit/soul is like an observer. Using our body and mind to live.  The soul is so strong it will almost always keep you here. But when It feels there is no chance of repair. It will have mercy on us and set us free.
If you can only think of them like the person who is suffering of cancer.  There mind is in that much pain. Really we can not know till we are in there place, what the pain for either one of them is truly like. I have seen some people feel like the lost one was selfish. But it is us who are, because we can not understand there pain. We feel they chose to leave us. But we must accept it was just there time. They could no longer deal with the life they had.

I know for a fact our soul is very strong. It wants to stay in our body. It has a way of talking you out of your wish to leave. Or it just clearly says, "no!"
But when it agrees that this life is over, you then are allowed to pass on.
Getting mad at this person for leaving is a natural part of grieving. But you have to put your self in that persons foot steps. And accept mental illness is painful. You have to learn to accept the fact, they are now free of pain. And learn to be happy for them. Because this was the best choice for them. They truly had an incurable illness. It was mental rather that physical. I feel we should be happy for them. Because a life full of torment in the mind is no life at all.
I know you may not agree with me. But I know what it is like to want to leave. But I have a soul that teaches me to learn ways to get well. And maybe I can help other want to stay here too. But most of all I want to help those left here to understand and forgive those who have passed on. Free them of guilt so they can move on. Tell them it is ok. You understand now. So they can truly rest in peace.

I am not an expert on grief. But I am learning there are 7 levels of grief. We do not always experience them all.
But the key to peace of mind is the last stage, which is acceptance.  Finally letting go, and be happy for them. You will then be free to move forward too. 

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  1. When my husband died of stomach cancer about 5 1/2 years ago....I prayed for God to take him. I knew he was in such anguish and pain and hated every minute of having to deal with it. I wanted it to stop for him. From diagnosis to was only three weeks; but they were the most painful and heartbreaking three weeks he ever had to endure...especially for someone who never liked going to doctors and basically was never really sick. The heartwrenching pain of watching him fade away so quickly was the worst thing my children and I could ever imagine. Though we all miss him, we are grateful his misery didn't last any longer. This was a very good post E.... ~Joy

  2. Thank you Joy, This was a bit hard for me to post. As I normally do not disclose how I feel about death. But I am opening up more on this blog. And really feel people should understand and forgive people, who choose to leave. When I hear of a person like this, I feel a sense of relief for them. I feel the pain there love ones feel too. I am an empath of sorts. I feel things that happen to others as though they are happening to me also.
    I just recently experienced the death of a friend who was murdered. This is my first time to know some one who has left like this. I think I am still in the shock stage.And have not fully dealt with how I feel about this. It is hard to see this as an accident. And way different than suicide

  3. Good post, Grammy. I had stomach flu the past few days, felt awful, headache, nausea, and absolutely no energy. Then it hit me - did my dear David feel like this at the end of his life? There were many days over the past year of his life when he felt totally awful.
    For me, it was 2 days. And I knew it would get better. For David it was much longer and he knew he wouldn't.
    Feeling like that I could understand why he left when he did. He held on so long, but in the end, it was his time.
    God bless Grammy. You are sending out healing to all.