Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spiritual Wellness

The assignment this week for A Celebration of Wellness is  Spiritual Wellness
To me spirituality is your soul not really what your religion may be.

As far as Spiritual Wellness, I feel like when I did the page above a couple of years ago. It was the start of my spirit taking control of my life. It feels like I was born with this spirit, but was forced to suppress it.  My Moms ways were constricting on my spirit. And I feel as though it has been in a coma for so long. I allowed the flow of life to chose my path or others to push me on to new paths. I feel like I did not live the life I was meant to live. But I fail to change it. Even today I have been thinking of drastic changes, but I fail to take the first step. I have been researching "habit and familiarity". I find most stay with what they have, for fear of change. fear of being alone, fear of things could be worse. So we become creatures of habit.  I have been giving allot of thought to what is damaged and what is well. I know for a fact my body is damaged, my mind exploded, so it must be my soul is well. That has to be the reason I am still here. Still working on healing my self. Your mind can only take so much trauma and drama. This leads to physical illness and fatigue. But I think, it is your soul that steps in and tries to save you.
All this adds up to lessons learned.
 But why do I need so many lessons?  
Is it I fail to take action?
Is it knowledge I need to make it to the next level?
Many questions, many answers. It all sums up to I am who I am today because all the choices and issues are apart of me. And my soul can handle anything.

This is a collection of images I put together that spoke to me of spirit when I first read of this task. They were done over the last few years.


  1. I love your colourful collage! As time goes by I am amazed by your growing wisdom. You talk out loud of feelings and thoughts, of success and failure, of happiness and sadness, of growing and feeling stagnant. All things have opposites and you are experiencing the whole spectrum of life!

    Your line "it is your soul that steps in and tries to save you" is such a perfect description of spirituality. I think that lesson alone is worth a fortune. Thanks for sharing.

    Keep well, my friend. Your changes will come about, because you have taken the first step - you have set the intention.

  2. I love your images E...brilliant colors that I just adore....and Who Am I is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  3. What a thoughtful entry. I love your images. It is especially nice to see a collage of many of them together. I am loving your wise warrior! Have a great weekend, my friend.