Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stillness and laughter

Laughter is nothing new, but it is some times forgotten. I found in my past few weeks of trauma and drama. It made me stop in my tracks. I was then allowed to still my mind. When I heard and saw others having so much fun. I could not help but join in the contagious laughter. It felt like the trauma perceived by my mind was being chipped away, piece by piece I felt it fall off my body.  From that point forward my soul was able to start taking control of my ego mind. I was still shaken. I still feel the damaging affect of a mind allowed to run a muck.  Trauma not only hurts you mentally but your body feels it psychically. This hurts your immune system, and allows illness into your life.

I am participating in A Celebration of Wellness with Rae for this weeks assignment called Wellness Art-ivity: Be Still. 
I find I have had much experience with stillness. But she said to do it in a different way and express it in an art activity in a different way. So rather than virtual art like I normal do. I did a drawing with paper and pencil.  I started looking for ideals. So on Monday I did a search and found a photo and video scroll down 2 posts or click here
I found movement.

On Tue I found laughter yoga click here
or scroll down to last post. This one has inspired me to want to find a laughter club or start one and become a certified instructor. So now I have a goal. Or a dream.

With all these clues I found laughter to be a way, that I must remember to use. Any time I am stressed or feel panic or fear and anxiety try to evolve in my mind. I will run to find some thing funny. Or just start laughing for no reason.

The photo above is my drawing.
Or Click here to see my haiku and digital creation of this weeks art work , on my other blog The Emptynester.  This is an example of my normal way of creation an art piece.
Thank you for reading and being a good friend.


  1. Cool! What a great attitude! It will serve you well.

  2. E, you really turned things around. What an affirmation of the wellness you are capable of! I am honored to witness your journey!


  3. I haven't been witness to your journey from the beginning; but I can tell have a beautiful soul and a most generous and giving spirit E. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend... ~Joy