Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Fear

I did this maybe a month or so ago. I title it "No fear".
In analyzing this image it is a bit like me. Since a child I have not had many thing I feared. Except my Mom. LOL
And I was afraid of the dark. My Mom always left a light on. I do not know if this had any thing to do with it.As an adult I find it hard to see in the dark. So it is not fear. It is loss of night vision.

 Some people live a life of constant fear. Some can not even go out the door, to get something from there car, with out locking the door. I was one to never  lock the door. I have learned if some one wants something you have. A door will not stop them. I also have learned to not place value on to many material things.  A house fire taught me this lesson.
I am not totally with out fear. I am afraid of falling. I love the fact my kids are fearless. They ride roller coasters and many other adventurous things. I find I would like to fly through the air on a zip line . I saw this on the show the great race. It is like repelling, but it is at an angle rather than a drop. I also gained the fear of being hit in stand still traffic. I was hurt on 2 different occasions. Both times I was a passenger. So I would find my self in a panic when we had to stop on the highway. It took along time to get over the feeling of fear. But I did. I had to keep telling my self to relax. Get over it. The more I think about it. I come to the conclusion. I am only afraid of pain. Getting hurt causes pain. As I love to fly, but no fear of height or falling comes into play with this adventure.

One of my favorite quotes is: 
It is not possible, to control all external events;
But, if I simply control my mind,
What need is there to control other things?
Have you analyzed your fears.  To see what they really are. So you can free your self of them ?


  1. I'm like you, not many fears at all. My biggest and only fear is my mother..

  2. This is an interesting item. It really begs the question, "What is fear?" I would see locking a door as prudent and having no relationship to fear. And of course if we all feared nothing then we would stand up for what we believe in all the time and every time without any care for the consequences. This article could make a very fine discussion piece. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie