Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The art of journaling

This is a collage I created from images that have caught my attention over the past few week.
You can do this with magazines, old photos, etc. Let your creativity fly. It could be a piece of mail, business card, any thing you find you can glue down.

You can then arrange the images look at where you want to place them. Then glue away. If you want paint away, write away. I use one side of my journal for art. The opposite page for writing.

I do allot of mine digitally with photo shop.
But I have many things I glue and create in and on. Even an old phone book, can become a art journal.

But what I am doing with this image I call a wisdom or healing art journal.  Because these images have a story to tell. You may find either wisdom or healing in the process. You may find fun, adventure and creativity.
All I have to do is look analyze what the message is. What I need to know some times comes to me this way.

This can help with depression and grieving. Among other things. It can be read like a tarot card just for fun or for wisdom.

The images may say one story to me and another to you.

So click on the photo and enlarge, what messages do you see in this. ?
Is this a message for me or for you?
Can you see how I feel or want to feel?

Is this past, present or future, maybe all 3 ?
Here is a video I did in the past. It has ideals of things to use as journals. Also I have other videos there if you would like to look at any of them. 
 Quote of the day,"A day without learning is a day without living." ~Lou Holtz

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