Monday, February 21, 2011

Forever changing

Jan 27, 2011.
        I just completed this page in my wisdom journal. It is the most healing page I have ever created. Looking at it and analyzing what it says to me. It is a wealth of knowledge.
It shows balance, creativity, fun, knowledge, spirit, dreams, love, wisdom and life.
When I analyze what each person represents from my point of view. It is most of the phases we all go through in life. We touch on each quality at different times in our lives.
We learn and grow from each choice we make.

Youth #1.The lady in red represents fun, laughter, play, living life on the edge. But she hides behind a mask. Hiding her beauty believing she is not enough. Not letting many people see her true self. She has 2 sides to her life. And represses the best part. For fear of rejection. She may feel alone or lonely.  She some times looks at lady #2 and wishes to experience some of the quality's of her life.For some people she is just the first step in life. All the fun before making a choice to be committed in a relationship.
For some it is a life time of play.

Young adult #2 May be step 2 in life. I am calling her the dreamer. She is the lady to the right. She has chosen to live what she considers to be the dream life. Or the picket fence life.  Marry a man who can provide for her every want. She lives by ego. She is kind and loving. She may be a mom some day. She may be a traveler. She may live a life of luxury and wealth. Or find her life is not what she signed up for. She may or may not be one to drink too much alcohol, lady # 1 may do this too. She may just be a simple down to earth fun loving mom. There are many aspects and different choices this path in life may lead to. As some in this category achieve the good life. Where they marry there best friend. They have ups and downs but work together to over come all. She may or may not have her own career. Where she becomes strong and successful. There are so many life styles to chose from in this time frame of a person life. It is sad but some feel trapped, they long for more fun, like lady #1 has. She may also feel alone or lonely. If they chose the wrong person to spend there life with.

Some times is is just the old saying the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Middle age #3 This lady is on top of what looks like the fence the divides the room. She is really crossing a tall scary bridge. She is learning to live a fearless life. One of both wisdom and knowledge. She has now learned control of her ego. She is responsible, yet knows fun is necessary for balance. She has lived a good life. Learning from each challenge, she was dealt in life. When problems arise she deals with them. She choose to never allow them to become her life. She live from spirit. Her higher self helps her to do what she feels is her path in life. She may have the quality's of both Lady s 1&2. But she chooses how and what she lets affect her life. She is rich in health, love, joy & caring for every aspect of her world. She is a person who is on the path to a well rounded life. She learns more and more each day. As life always has new lessons to learn.

Person #4 is The elder. She is the last chapter of life. She may have experienced every aspect of all 3 lady's. She is still a fighter in that, she continues to live the good life. Even though she may be a widow. She carry's on the love of knowledge. She reads and writes. She is a well of knowledge. Her words are full of life and wisdom. From a balanced life. She is a teacher, a friend, a person of love and kindness. She refuses to be bitter and alone. For life was a lesson. And she did her best. She is surrounded by the spirit of love. And knows her life still has purpose. She is now on her final path. She has to be strong and optimistic. She knows she has plenty of family and friends that still need her. She has given so much joy to every person she has encountered.

To me the shadow of the bird represents spirit.
It is the wings we use to fly though our life. And see us to our afterlife. It is our higher power. our soul. Our authentic self. The person we are meant to be in this life.  It is reasoning and thought. It is wisdom and freedom.

The scales represent balance.
It gives us a choice to change.
To see we would not know happiness with out knowing what sadness is.
To know there is no good or bad,they are intertwined like a rope, it is our judgment of what is good or bad.  Because things have away of working out to be for the best.

All of the red brings out the power of color. How it inspires us to feel passion of a sun set. And be creative.
The head statue is to remind there is beauty in every thing. And art lives in every thing we see. From the chair we sit on to the garden we design. The food we eat. The world is art.  There is the art of healing. The art of living. We our self are a form of art.
The soap is to remind you to cleanse your thoughts.
Through this process you can see with the eyes of an optimist. Feel with passion. Breath in every wonderful aspect of life.
The door way reminds you to see your self though the door way. Look within. Know we all experience almost every aspect of life. Release pain and suffering. Be thankful it happened at that moment in life. But this is a new moment. That moment of pain is over. make this moment rich with happy thoughts. Laugh, love and live.

In my journal I will rewrite this story to the point  of how I am each person in this collage. I find the more you look at the images, the more they tell you. You may find that they tell you a different story. As we all have views of life.
Namaste my friends.

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