Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabin fever

Cabin fever is DEFINED as an idiomatic term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in, in a small space, with nothing to do, for an extended period Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, irrational frustration with everyday objects, forgetfulness, laughter, excessive sleeping, distrust of anyone they are with, and an urge to go outside even in the rain, snow or dark.
I have been observing my cats today to find they do have cabin fever.  They seem to fight any time they get near each other. Then they hibernate in different rooms. They stay away from each other with little to no communication. In the past this was and some times is my life too. You can say I am Crash. I long for exploration of the outside world. I just want happiness, fun, love. Where hubby is more like Reba, He wants to be left alone in his own little world. He angers and hisses easy. He has contentment with life being just as it is. No change other than some times a new movie on the TV. Where I do not like reruns. I need input new info. I have worked hard and experienced contentment. I am learning to master it but. I still have exploration through the computer. I live a virtual life. And have virtual friends like you. You can say I have life the way I want it. And still exist in his world.  You may say WHY DO YOU NOT LEAVE? Well I have been through thick and thin with this person. I signed up for better or worse. I can not abandon him. I would never be able to live with my self. Knowing this behavior stems from Illness. Mental and physical. Like a child with a disability. You learn to deal with them. You try to teach the child. But an adult is not always willing to change. Too if this is the beginning of Alzheimer's, early onset of demintia. I have to learn to deal with it.


  1. These are some deep and meaningful thoughts put out there. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with me, (us, but it's me, alone, reading this and thinking about it, you know, the virtual world you mention?).
    I just got through a four day stretch of unseasonably cold temperatures while living out-of-town, away from home in an RV that has provided me with an 8'X16' living space. Talk about cabin fever!
    You talk about leaving. You can leave without abandonment. Pursue your values. It's a hard task, but possible. Why do you think I'm in New Mexico when I live in Wisconsin?
    Too much thought in my mind aftervreading this. We need to sit down and have a discussion.
    Sending positive energy your direction.


  2. I'm afraid I'm with your husband. I worked for 43 yrs, long, long hours and I retired in 2004 and now I don't like going anywhere!! I just want to shut the world out and stay home! Luckily for me my hubby is much the same so there are no problems there.

  3. Before my husband passed away over five years ago...we had similar circumstances. We did a lot together for most of our marriage, had four very busy kids and a hectic household. A hard worker all of his life, my husband found contentment in his world around him...sailing, reading, tv, music; not unlike most of us I guess. I have my interests too, but have always been totally wrapped up in my kids. I guess that always came first with me. As much as my husband loved our kids, he could make the separataion in his life that I couldn't...and didn't want to. But, he understood where I was coming from...and I understood him. Some would say maybe that's not ideal...but if it works, it's ideal enough. We gave each other space and understanding...especially as we got older. I think you have to make sure you take whatever time you can to do the things you enjoy and connect with...and keep separate what your husband needs or doesn't need from you. It helps to keep you feeling like your head is above water. Much love E.... ~Joy