Thursday, February 3, 2011

Afformations verses Affirmations

I found this video yesterday and thought maybe I will give this a try.

Affirmation are daily messages that are said to oneself to bring about a change within the inner self.

Afformations is a question rather that a statement. It is used to trick your mind into positive thought.
Affirmation, I am happy
Afformation, Why am I so happy?
This video explains how your mind goes from yea right with the statement "I am happy". To searching for the answer right away with the question Why?

I am not promoting or affiliated with this person or there book.  I just am simply sharing the fact I will be trying this.

So for my self today I ask What can I do to make my self and others learn to be happy.
My mind says Remember the power of the word choice.
It is maybe the most valuable, life saving, yet simple word ever used.
Choose to be happy.
Choose to let go of baggage
Choose to be free of self imposed restrictions, that limit your life.
Choose  Wait a minute ! I am stating Affirmations.
Question Should be why am I so happy.
My mind said because you are on the road to healing your self.  Refurbishing your thoughts. And using the power of Choice.  I am reprogramming my self every day. I am learning and sharing this on this blog. I am so ecstatic and even more motivated. When I receive heart felt comments like I did in the last post. To know I gave some one else a wow moment of hey this will work for me too.

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  1. This sounds like something I need. As you say if I say I am happy, my mind goes yeah right. If I say why am I so happy, my mind goes, because you have all you need, and people who you love and love you.