Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Negative & Positive thoughts

I will show you 2 example of reading this image
Please look at the post below for more info on the process of creating this image. And the reason to do it for self healing, inner wisdom, sparking your creative side.
Positive thoughts.
Image 1.tells me to learn from the past year of silence.
2. The past is now a part of history, acknowledge the lessons learned and move on.Remember it with a smile.As some how every thing turned out fine. I am thankful I am now who I am now, because of it.
3.Wake up , let go of the confusion.
4. Shake it off, do not carry any thing with you that burdens you.
5. A child with a moment of sadness
6.Lessons learned, freedom from siting in the cold darkness, living only in your mind.
7.The first step into the light of day.
8. Make a choice.
9. An empty space to fill.
10. Reach out.
11. Hope for the future.
12. Unknown chaos.

If I were using a negative view of this I may say

1. being alone in your mind.
2. Longing for a different past.
3. Sitting in self pity, lethargic & sad. Life less.
4. To walk is a burden, because of a choice to carry all the problems of life with you every where.
Allowing every issue to become your life. You chose drama, Not knowing you can chose to make each day a new one.
Your burdens fall off of your back onto every one around you. Because you feel trapped.
5.Tears for your inner child because the child inside has never learned the freedom of forgiveness. Or found a path of healing.
6.Siting in self pity. Self built invisible walls, that allow no peace or joy or person to enter.
7. The stubborn old goat.
8. You can see the light but choose to sit in darkness.
9. Feeling empty.
10 Reaching out. or refusal to reach out.
11. A fantasy of the good life. Or an unfulfilled dream.
12. chaos

Chaos is the same for both. Because the found image is one That caught my eye. But I can not spend time with it. I put it on the back burner. All I know it has a message to tell. But I am not ready to learn it. Now I hope I have shown how there is a message in every thing that attracts your attention.  And how you can use them like a taro deck.
They can help you heal. Or give you insight.

I call this "DAY DREAMING" enjoying the simple life.
If only we all lived by the beach. : )
The horse belongs to my friends neighbor. His name is Tony. He is the Italian stallion. : )
What story do you see in the images?

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  1. This is a very good lesson. I'm sure that you may have helped someone besides yourself in explaining the process. Good stuff!