Monday, February 21, 2011

Hidden faces

This image I created has allot of messages in it. I will add it to my healing art journal. It will take a while for the story to fully come to me.

 Example short story.
Old Mr. Oak was mighty and strong. He thought he was invincible. He could lift the weight of the world on only 1 branch. You can find him in the forest of life as we speak.
But he is no longer his mighty self. The storms of life has beaten his heart. The lighting has cracked his chest. People have split his spine, with an ax. He sits alone in his trunk. He no longer speaks. He lets his mind wonder. forward or backward know one knows for sure. But he waits and wonders when his time will come. As he knows he has short roots now. He knows, mighty winds may blow. Thunder may strike again.
He questions will I be strong enough to hang on ?
Will I end up firewood to heat some ones hearth ?
One thing he know for sure, He will live on through the forest of children and grand children he created. His spirit will live on through the lives of all the people he encountered. And though all the things he has built.He knows just like you and I are unique we still carry pieces of all of our ancestors around with us. I have some ones nose, another persons eyes. My genes are composed of all those before me.

I added a tab to the top of this blog. How to create. I have 1 video and 2 links so far. But it is just the beginning of how to create a healing or wisdom journal.

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  1. I love the picture E...and I like the message in your words. Healing Art Journal...nice idea.