Monday, January 24, 2011

Chose to let go

I have spent a year in silence. The time was well spent. I released most of the baggage that I allowed to rule my life.
It was through forgiveness of both myself and others, that I found true freedom. So now I can move on to the path of life I was meant to follow.  There will still be obstacles. And forks in the road. But they are just more lessons to learn. I have found wisdom and knowledge in every thing that has happened. But I am no longer letting the past rule my life. I will learn to live in this time, & this moment.

I need to recapture joy & love in my heart.
I so miss the feelings. They can be found in simple things, like the sun sets. The passion of feeling the colors. The simplest thing is a smile.  This is what I chose to work on now. Feel the passion of life again.


  1. I love this!!! I am also working on letting go of the past...some days are better than others...:)

  2. It's a process, but you are on the road!

    I love your collage and how you are choosing your life now! Congratulations!

    And never worry about not commenting - I love your comments, but I understand not leaving one every time. I pop by here sometimes and I think I'm going to come back and leave a comment and then I get distracted. We know the other is out there!

    Thanks for all your support!