Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haiku - Menopause moments

This is a collage, I created with photo shop.
It brings a smile to my face.
I use it now, for my computer back ground.

I have been thinking of words to write for haiku my heart. I am just learning how to do this form of writing.
It is 5/7/5 syllables.
The title finally came to me tonight.
Menopause moments
Then a few different haiku's 

1. The fire department 
saved me from the moment of
uncontrollable rage!
2. The kindness of others
set my heart ablaze with joy
My soul is now free .
3.The water from the spring
brought profound healing, that joy  
has refreshed my soul

What words come to you, through this image?


  1. That no matter how big your problem may seem, there are others there to lend a hand.

  2. man versus parrot
    little nest with a gold heart
    Sending him afloat
    That was fun. I like your first one with the fire department best!

  3. Great interactive Haiku's with a two way flow and influencing each other!! Nice photo shop image that you have created to go with the poems :)

  4. Interesting, although I'm no expert on menopausal stuff.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  5. laughter and relief, from those familiar moments!

  6. Fire inferno
    Cooling thoughts save me for now
    Live another day

    Having a wife, 5 Grand daughters, a sister and a Mom, I have some experience with Menopause, from a distance, of course. Stay cool, because you are.


  7. i cannot top spadoman's comment
    "stay cool, because you are"

    too funny! laughter, never underestimate the healing there in.
    thanks for being here...

  8. Great.. Look at my second entry will see me smiling..and happy..

  9. such stuff and nonsense
    firemen blasting water stream
    parrot in a bowl

  10. Laughter, friends, self-expression and of course, firemen, what more could a chick going through the change need !
    In the words of the wise Spadoman, Stay Cool !

  11. I can completely relate to those menopause moments. Great image - the parrot looks absolutely refreshed! :)


  12. The second haiku...O, I envy you--a blazing heart and a free soul!

    Two Maidens Dancing