Monday, January 3, 2011

Shifting perspectives

                          You can do it ! I can do it!
          When you look at this photo, what do you see ?
Do you see it as un-kept,  abandoned, neglected, forgotten.
Or do you see this as artistic. quaint, beautiful.
View #1
This is the shed in my back yard. It has been neglected.
Do to the fact that hubby and I can no longer maintain every thing that needs attention. Our neighbors who like every thing perfect, do not like us. They judge us as trash, or lazy, rather than seeing if we are ok. Or asking if we need help.

In order to revive this story here is a new out look.
View #2
This is a photo of my shed in the fall. All the beautiful wisteria blooms have gone to sleep for the winter. The aroma of the flowers on the ground have diminished.  But I feel the charm they have left. There is a quaint artistic look about the chipping paint. That reminds me of grandmas farm. I love the wild look. The feel of freedom. There is no one here that can tell me how tall my grass can be. Or call my native flowers weeds.

The point with this example is we can revive each story of our life in a more positive way. This can help us release the pain of a negative one, that we may carry around with us.


  1. Our place is starting to have areas of neglect.Its a combination of the weather, time available and energy available. I suppose one day we will have to make that decision to either hire some help, or sell up and move to something smaller. As our business is also here and our son works for us selling up may not be an option. So I might have to pull out flower beds and make more raised garden beds and see how that goes. Its all about change and adaptation.

  2. Hi Grammy, you express yourself so well. I think you've already revived your creative talents through writing. I like that shed. Neglected, yes, but also quaint. I think I'd paint the window frames a bright purple or lime green and see how your neighbours react to that. LOL!

  3. I love the shed and might be tempted to make it a special hideaway.

    Let the neighbors think what they will...