Friday, January 14, 2011

My scrappy life

I know. I have decided to live my life from this minute forward. But in looking back and reviving my history. I went through my old blog.
Looking at the photos alone. They put a smile on my face. All the fun I had. All the progress I have made at moving my life forward in the battle of depression. If you revived my story to make it a positive one. I have learned so much from being so sad. I learned to feel joy, laugh, play, and bring creative adventures into my life. I started blogging  with words, photos, then art came into play. But finding friends like you was the ultimate reward.This made my life so much better.
Depression has made me a stronger person. It is still an ongoing process. But I have made plenty of positive changes to my life. I can now look back, and rewrite my history.

Maybe even help others to over come life's challenges.  To look at problems as temporary. Learn to step back from them. And do not make them your life. It is a matter of choice. Choose to take control of how you deal with the challenges life gives you. Know in your heart you can handle them. They are for some reason a lesion you must learn. You have to conquer your fear of them.

Look at the facts. This is some thing that has already happened. You can not change it. You can only change the next step. How do you react !
Ask your self.
What will I do to fix this ? Is this fixable ? How can I go on ? Am I going to let this change my life forever ? Or am I just going to let it go away on it's own, by doing nothing.
When the problem is a person, this can have profound affects on your life.
"You have to learn how to go on with the next chapter of your life."
There is the loss of your children. They grow up and may move away.
Or even worse they do some thing wrong and have to spend there life in prison.

We are all faced with the death of a person. We still carry them with us in our thoughts. And hope one day we will be with them again, when it is our time.

I found you can also morn the loss of a person who is still here with us. When dementia comes into play. The person changes before your eyes. At first it it gradual some memory loss, but becomes more obvious as time goes on.   You may find them doing things you would have never thought they would. They may start telling lies and believe what they say is true. They may also start acting out being mean with there words. Or even attacking you with anger.All of the things they learned to be wrong are things that they may try to do now.They also may forget to take care of them self. You have to tell them to take a bath.
Some times you wonder if it  would be better if they were no longer suffering. But you hold on to the hope tomorrow may be better. You fell like this is no longer the person I knew. And have to remember it is not them it is there behavior that is the issue.

There are many other ways people affect your life.
But for now this is all I will write.
This story started out on another note. And I for some reason just let the words that wanted to come out of my mind flow into this post.

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  1. Really wonderful post, E! It IS always a choice to see things from the positive perspective or to learn something from a difficult situation.

    Glad you let the words flow!