Thursday, January 13, 2011

Simple trip

Reviving my day. This was a simple trip to the doctor.

It started out with hubby going to get gas in the car. He surprised me by bringing back 2 snowball cakes. Yum!
This can be a way of saying." I love you with out the words."
 To me a simple gesture of chocolate is joy to the taste buds.
After eating just one, it was time to leave. We went out side to find, there is still snow on the ground and the full length of the front of our house is covered with icicles.  The streets still have some snow on them too. We drive along and notice, not many people shovel there side walk or drive way down here. Even the parking lots have snow in them. We are soon on the highway. It is a beautiful day. The cows  show up even more with snow on the ground. The trees are very clean. We have had allot of strong wind to blow them this way.

It was about a half hour drive. We arrived at the surgeons office. It was rather beautiful too. There was a fireplace mantel on the wall with an electric stove heater some what like mine.  A coffee table contained a very large statue of a funny old man with a fishing pole. There was a gold fish bowl in front of him and a beautiful dragonfly sitting at the tip of his pole. This is the first office I have entered with a homey feeling to the decor.  We were greeted with a big hello by a gentleman as we walked in the door. He was there with his wife. I love how friendly people are down here. You can feel kindness pouring out of every one in this office today.
The doctor asked many questions. I was amazed at how many hubby can not answer. He did not realize you go to a surgeon to have surgery. He was like no. While we were there the doctor had an appointment set of for hubby to go see a heart doctor too. They can do nothing to him with out the approval of a heart Dr. Because of his past bypass and heart attach.  It is almost guaranteed that he will fail the stress test. He always has. And he refuses to have more heart surgery. If you remember I stated I will never try to get him to do any thing like this again. He is to now make all of his own choices.

He was sent to have a cat scan. I let him go in for this by him self. I went out side to sit in my car.  Next thing I know, I  find him at the window of my car asking me to fill out the paper in his hand. All it required was our address and phone number. I filled it out and went back out to the car, he was back in no time. They were very fast. We then drove  further into Jeff city, and stopped at the supper center. Picked up a few things. Then we stop at Steak n Shake to have a nice burger, fries and a cup of chili.

My thoughts rambled so much on this drive.


  1. Gee, I hope your hubby is o.k.! Sounds like you had a good drive and nice to have supper out for a change.
    I like the chocolate he gave you - that means love, you're right!

  2. I hope everything works out OK...I love when my Hubby does something unexpected...I wish he'd do it more often, LOL...

    Thanks for the nice words on my blog...I appreciate it...xoxo