Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New moon revival

I just finished reviving these 2 photos. They started out around this time yesterday. I got the ideal from a challenge on
Sunday Postcard Art.‘CELESTIAL’ was the theme.
'HOBBIES AND PASTIMES' will be next Sundays theme. I am a bit  late. But I had so much fun taking a photo from last summer on the swing and adding it to a painting I did with art rage. The youngest 2 in the front left  are more resent photos.  I think working with graphics is one of my favorite things to do.


  1. They look great - everyone looks so happy and I love the moon and stars!

  2. What a sweet idea! I like the wings you gave yourself in the postcard best of all!! Thanks for the nice words you left on my blog!

  3. What a terrific pair of layouts!!! Certainly "celestial"! Thank you for visiting my blog, too!