Thursday, January 6, 2011

A perfect day

 I asked hubby if he wanted to go eagle hunting today.
And he said yes! He asked Tessa and she said Yes.
So off we went to bagnelldam. It was a bit chilly but the sun was out. Yea! Sunshine.  

The water level was up so the island was quite small with only 1 blue herring taking a nap. It was not till I up loaded these photos to the computer, that I realized " this is the shape of a heart". How cool is that?
 We saw plenty of turkey buzzards.
And yes! There were 4 eagles. This was one of the best shots. They were all in flight. And I needed more than a 300mm lens to get a better shot.
Believe it or not. This is my best photo of the day.
This pigeon was in the side wall. I was looking down at it.
After this adventure. My oldest daughter came over.
We went for a drive to the Dutch country store. There was many animals out along the way. But I did not bring a camera. So I missed a shot of a beautiful white horse with black blotches. It reminded you of a zebra with out the strips. Then came a mom cow with a recently new little gray baby running in the field. We went on a bit farther. Then here was a black Angus mom cow. Who just gave birth. Her tail was still wiggling in the air. The baby was wet and laying on the ground. This give me hope warm weather is on its way.

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  1. I hope the warm weather comes to you! It has only just got hot here, and summer should be finishing soon.
    I know that the universe will send you all you need, for you and your family. Soon you will get all the answers you need.