Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My day

The day started out, I was awaken by the air quality. My breathing was not happy. I came into the living room to find it was 80 degrees on the thermostat.  That explains my issue. So I went around the house turning off space heaters. I knew hubby will never turn off the heat. But I though my daughter would have. But soon the temp went down enough that I could breath normal again.
Not long after that youngest daughter decides she is going to go put in an application at a temporary job service. She asks hubby to watch her youngest son. This turns into a 3+ hour adventure. And leads me to believe she is doing some thing wrong.
I later went for a ride with the oldest daughter to get antibiotics for her youngest 2. They have Rsv. A virus that is contagious. And yes we all have it. I was just getting well. And now respiratory problems for me again. I have been sick since September. Having kids living with us again brings illness into our life.
But any way. Back to the trip with Amy. We had to drive to the lake area. Because all pharmacy's close at 6 here in our town. I bough some Advil cold to give it a try and they recommended to try Airborne .  It was like alka seltzer, as in you dissolve it in water. I was surprised it was easy to drink. It had a fuzzy orange flavor. But lets see how well this works. I am in no way being paid to test. I do not make money from blogging. But It would be wonderful if I were paid to. I really like blogging. I kinda feel like my words are not of use to any one right now.

I do not have a direction to go with this blog. I mostly share what I have been mentally working on each day. I did buy a couple of magazine today. This was a splurge. But I need to start creating  healing art journal pages again. They really gave me insight and helped me write in the past. Also much joy was found in there creation.
I seem to be such a self analyzer. And this leads to finding motivation on self healing. There are so many thought that run through my head. My life seem to be thought. I was amazed to find in Aristotle words that what I am doing is a bit like his life. I am studying and learning. And hope that I may teach others with what I learn.

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