Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Everything is perfect in the universe - even your desire to improve it.
Wayne Dyer

 As a kid and adult, I was like most people. I saw my flaws more than my quality's.  When I got married, I no longer worried about what other people thought. I just went through life with my eyes closed. I did not judge or like the behavior of others who did.

I find we evolve day by day, and change our way of thinking. We can not change other people, but we can change how we perceive them. Some times I wish every one was taught in school to not say things that hurt the feelings of others.  I know this should be the parents responsibility, To tell the truth, some parents teach there child this behavior. They also criticize there children

With my children I feel I did teach them well. As far as criticism and judgment.    But I failed in the part of self worth. I did not know how to teach them. Because words hurt. They leave scars. I was surprised to find the one that was the most popular was the one who had the least self confidence.

I feel I have released all of my issues over the last few years. I found by forgiving every one. including my self. That the scars of life have healed. I also realized that our body is just a vessel, that enables us to walk, talk, run, play. etc. It is our spirit, who is the real us. Our true self is made of love. It is the brain that allows us to judge or be judged.
Because of the programming we have allowed.

You have to reprogram, tell your self you are perfect just the way you are. And believe it. Allow your spirit to guide you, on a new path. Free of baggage. Free to love.

This show drop dead diva is a perfect example of how your spirit given a new brain & body is still you. But can access the programing of the other person. What is amazing though. she brought the baggage of her old life with her. Now she is forced to use her spirit to choose what to do.


  1. Very well said, Grammy. You are becoming one wise lady.

  2. How are you my dear friend. Its is easy to focus on what we didn't give our children. Maybe so we can focus on that now from this place in our life. You are my hero. To have given your children the gift of not judging others, that must come from you, because we both know your parents weren't able to give that gift to you. Stay safe and warm (and keep sharing your journey:).